Meet Loquat

We know that art can save lives
Our materials, motifs, collaborations and contributions are selected to directly benefit and empower marginalized people, causes and aesthetics. Our goal as artists and designers is to honor the individuals, traditions and communities that have made LOQUAT possible.
Jordan Carey is a Bermudian designer and artist currently based in Portland Maine. He received his BFA in Textile and Fashion Design from Maine College of Art (2019). As a MECA student Jordan's work was predominantly focused on the meshing of cultural aesthetics and influences ever present and changing in the African diaspora and island life. Since graduating he has continued to develop as assistant designer for the Maine based fashion house Jill Mcgowan as well as through residencies and freelance work. Jordan has launched the Loquat brand as a vehicle for sharing fluid cultural aesthetics and craft sensibilities. 

Madison Poitrast-Upton is a fashion and textiles artist located in Portland Maine. She recently graduated from Maine College of Art, earning her BFA in fashion and textile design(2020). While there, Madison focused on female performers, their comfort and style. This was inspired by her love of music, performance and fashion and her need to take these important parts of her life and mold them together. Having been a thespian herself for many years she was familiar with the all to often un-empathetic and sexist approach toward costume design. Now as a graduate, Madison is dedicated to the advancement of women and people of color through clothing and design.